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Vintage South Sea White Baroque Pearl Necklace With Victorian Pendant


37-Inch South Sea 20mm White Baroque Pearl Necklace With Antique Victorian Pendant           Circa. 1880 and 1990                                   United Kingdom

A superb long 20mm white baroque pearl necklace, pearls from Japan     Victorian mother-of-pearl pinchbeck pendant/pin.....wear as a side pendant           New-old stock   Never worn!    This is a bold necklace where the pendant can be worn at bottom or side/center    The pendant/pin is detachable with spring clasps and can be worn separately     Unmarked

37 inches long      20mm white baroque pearls       round spring clasp          10.9 ounces in weight

The pinchbeck mother of pearl  pendant/pin measures 1.5 inches high      2.5 inches wide       .5 inch deep

In excellent original condition


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