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Vintage Deco Spinel Bead & French Jet Choker/Necklace


Vintage Art-Deco French Jet & Natural Spinel Bead Mourning Choker/Necklace                  Circa. 1930           European

Vintage french jet (black faceted glass) tear drops suspended from a natural 4 mm black spinel bead choker/necklace    Can be worn with jeans or an evening gown. The back of the three french jet dangles have the tiniest of chips, which are not visible when the necklace is worn    Mentioned for the sake of accuracy

Measures 16 inches in length    The three french jet tear drops measure 2 inches in length x 1/2 inch in width, at their widest.    Total weight of the choker/necklace is 31.1 g.       20.0 dwt

IN excellent condition

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