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Pair of Rosaline Hand-Etched Pink Crystal Deco Earrings/Wedding/Boho/Hippie


Pair of Pale Pink Hand-Etched Crystal Earrings                 Circa. 1970              American

New old stock    This pair was never sold or worn    Rosaline (peachy pink) crystal earrings that are hand-etched    Beads made in Czechoslovakia in the 1930's but assembled in America in the 1970's    The center octagonal bead is hand-etched    Each earring ends with a tiny bezel set paste brilliant

Earrings measure 2 5/8 inches long with ear wire      Width is 5/8 inch, at their widest    Total weight for the pair is 12.1 g        7.8 dwt

In pristine condition    (new)

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