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Pair of Antique Victorian Silver-plated 5-Inch Planter Pots

$65.00 $150.00

Pair of Antique Victorian Silver-plated Pots          Circa. 1875             American

Originally waste pots, but now repurposed as planters.   Silver-plated with a gilt interior  Marked "CHARM""  and Holmes & Edwards.   The two pots are in excellent condition with the exception of water stains on the interior.   The exterior silver-plating does show some wear, due to its antique age.   

The pots measure 5 inches in height with a maximum width of 4 inches.  The diameter at the top is 3 inches, and the diameter at the bottom is also 3 inches.  Both antique  pots are identical in design with a shield on both the front and back.

Total weight is 1 pound 3 ounces.        

In excellent original condition

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