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Pair of Antique 900 Silver Small Urns


Pair of Coin Silver Mini-Urns               Circa. 1900                European

Matching pair of 900 silver small urns.   900 silver, referred to today as "coin silver" has slightly less silver content than sterling   (900 parts per 1000 as opposed to 925 parts pr 1000 for sterling)    900 silver is the european equivalent of american sterling    Slightly more durable due to its very slightly lower silver content.   

The small urns were originally used to hold tooth picks.   By the 1930's the urns would have been used to hold cigarettes.   Now, they have been re-purposed to hold anything from barrettes to small pieces of jewelry on the vanity.   

Each of the mini-urns has a git interior.   They measure 3 3/8 inches in height    2 1/2 inch diameter at top     1 3/8 inch diameter at bottom   Total weight:   5.2 ounces

In excellent original condition.   

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