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C. 1750 Temple of Solomon by Counsellor Schott


Temple of Solomon    Circa. 1723     Germany     In the late 1600's Gerhard Schott  (1641-1703)  a founder of the Hamburg Opera, built a huge model of King Solomon's Temple for Christian Heinrich Postel's opera concerning the destruction of the Temple  

In 1723, souvenir prints of the elevation of the temple were created.   It contained most interesting passages,  beautifully illustrated, in the lives of King David and his son, Solomon.  

The frame measures 41 1/2 inches high x 57 inches wide.   The art work measures 24 inches high x 41 inches wide.   Custom framed with an elaborate matte under glass.      Weight is approximately 40 pounds   

The edges are somewhat frayed and the work shows some  fading   However, it is still in very good condition.

  As this is a museum piece, and highly desired, I am open to offers. 

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