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Art-Deco Sterling Silver & Rock Crystal Quartz Reversible Bracelet


Deco Sterling and Rock Crystal Bracelet                  Circa. 1930                American

Chunky natural rock crystal quartz  faceted cushion cuts set in a tarnished sterling silver frame  If you prefer a brilliant silver, simply polish    We prefer the dark, dramatic "look" for this bracelet  Original catch works perfectly   Marked "sterling"  Although meant for the bracelet to be worn with culet (bottom point on the stone)  pointing down, we prefer flipping it around and wearing it with the culet up!   Your choice.  Either works well.   The stones are extremely brilliant.   Fabulous piece!

Measures 6 3/4 inches long       1/2 inch wide        12 stones    Weight is 21.0 g

in pristine original condition

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