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Antique Victorian 36-Inch Bog Oak Bead Necklace


Antique Victorian Bog Oak Bead Necklace            Circa. 1880         Ireland

Bog oak, aka. "bogwood" is fossilized oak wood that is found in peat marshes.  Bog oak was used extensively during the Victorian era in the production of mourning jewelry....during Queen Victoria's reign.     The beads are all carved by hand.   This 36 inch necklace is long enough to wrap twice around the neck.   Original bogwood barrel clasp.   Some of the beads have turned to dark brown due to the necklace is  both dark brown and black.   Recently restrung in the original manner......with black cord knotted between each bead.   Ultra-chic!

36 inches long.   The beads range in width from 1/4 inch in diameter to 3/4 inch in diameter.   Weight of the necklace is 70.2 g.       45.1 dwt

In pristine original condition

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