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Antique Vauxhall Red Crystal Necklace With Vauxhall Pendant


Antique Vauxhall Glass Necklace                      Circa. 1900-1910            United Kingdom

Extraordinary cherry red glass necklace   Rare faceted beads are also foiled back   The pendant is incredible.....not many have survived    The beads were restrung on a leather cord     Gorgeous!

The beaded section of the  necklace measures 16 1/2 inches long  of the total 37 inch leather cord   The cord ties in the back   Can be a variety of lengths......your preference 

The pendant measures 2 1/4 inches long  x  3/4 inch wide    Total weight of the necklace is 43.6 g.     28.2 dwt

In pristine condition   

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