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Antique Silver Pocket Watch Shaker locket With Antique 26-Inch Chain


Antique Shaker locket With Chain               Circa. 1890-1900      United Kingdom

The locket is 800 silver and marked accordingly   The chain is sterling silver    Wonderful piece of fine Victorian jewelry from the later part o the 19th century   Lady's pocket watch now filled with clear, faceted crystals, which simulate diamonds   Unusual 26-inch antique chain from the same era marked "sterling" on both catches   One catch features a 5/8 inch round 1900 3-pence coin, the other has a 3 inch chain, identical to the main chain, with the round locket, 1 inch in diameter and 1/2 inch deep at the end.   See photos   

23.6 g.   15.1 dwt

All in excellent  condition

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