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Antique Maple 48-Inch One-of-a-Kind Floating Plate Shelf


Antique Floating  Plate Shelf                    Circa. 1890-1900                American

This lovely shelf was made by a very creative carpenter during the latest days of the 19th century, or perhaps the earliest 20th century    The back is slightly curved at each end    Shelf has three plate grooves   (see photos)   Can easily be used for other items, besides plates.    Installation is with one screw or toggle bolt  (see photo)   The maple has  been finished with a dark mahogany stain

The length of the shelf is 48.5 inches     The length of the back is 49.5 inches    The depth of the shelf is 5.75  inches    The height of the back  (at center detail) is 7.5 inches    Weight of the shelf is slightly under 10 pounds

In pristine original condition

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