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Antique Georgian Melanite Mourning Ring With Pinchbeck & Vermeil


Georgian Melanite Mourning Ring          Circa. 1800-1810         United Kingdom

A delicate looking, feminine Georgian melanite ring     Melanite (form of andradite) has wonderful brilliance, reflective qualities and supposed great spiritual properties  (thought to help in purifying negative energy and aid in creativity)   Melanite is black garnet  (garnets come in an array of colors)

This ring has a flat round center stone with small faceted melanite round stones surrounding.  The garnets are all set in pinchbeck    Pinchbeck was discovered in 1740 and was used extensively in the production of jewelry in the 18th and 19th centuries   It is an alloy.....combination of zinc and copper,,,,,,,looks almost identical to yellow gold but is lighter and less expensive,   The vermeil shank is believed to be a replacement for a much damaged shank  Vermeil is sterling silver with a gold coating.

This ring is a size 6 3/4     Can be easily sized by a jeweler

Weight is 3.2 g.     2.0 dwt

In remarkably excellent condition   (considering its age)

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