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Antique Georgian Lady's Melanite Mourning Ring


Georgian Melanite, Pinchbeck & Vermeil Mourning Ring             Circa. 1800-1820         United Kingdom

Lovely feminine black garnet ring from the early days of 19th century England    Garnets come in many colors,  melanite garnets have a wonderful brilliance   This ring has a center black melanite stone which is flat.....surrounded by nine round smaller faceted melanite stones    The setting is pinchbeck   The shank is a vermeil replacement

Melanite is known for special properties  ie.  increase the wearer's energy and decrease negative thoughts.   Also known to aid in creativity and increased grounding

The ring weighs 3.5 g.     2.3 dwt 

Ring size is 7 3/4      Can be easily sized by a jeweler

In pristine condition

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