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Antique Cut Steel Pendant With New Natural Faceted Pyrite Bead Chain


Antique Cut-Steel Necklace With New  Pyrite Bead Chain          Circa. 1850   United Kingdom

Wonderful combination with 19th century cut-steel pendant and new pyrite bead chain to create a boho/hippie necklace for today's modern woman!   The starburst pendant is very rare  and one-of-a-kind and dates to approx. 1850     The chain is new, made of natural pyrite beads.  Great reflective qualities, same as the antique cut-steel.   

Chain measures 18 inches.   The cut steel pendant is 1 1/2 inches high  x  1 1/4 inches wide.   Total weight is a light 8.3 g.       5.3 dwt

In pristine condition

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