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Antique Art-Deco Paste & French Jet Expandable Bangle Bracelet


Deco Paste & French Jet Bracelet                     Circa. 1920                     France

Unique and special bracelet    The three stones date back to the early deco era in France.   Large clear emerald cut paste stone with two french jet stones - one on each side.   The three stones were originally a shoe clip and they were converted into a bracelet on an expandable 30-black guitar string setting.   The strings act as an elastic   The bracelet is appropriate for most all size wrists.   Super you just stretch the to put on and off.   Super chic!       

The three stones measure 2 inches high x 1 inch wide.    The 30-string elastic provides an opening measuring 2 1/4 inches x 2 1/4 inches.   Total weight is 1.6 ounces

In pristine condition

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