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50-Inch Antique French Jet Black Glass Bead "Flapper Necklace"


50-Inch Antique Flapper Necklace from France             Circa. 1920-1925

French jet  (black glass) flapper necklace was meant to be worn long, however you can surely double up this necklace; 50 inches long with no clasp.   We recently had it re-strung with an individual knot between each bead, just as it was originally.  French jet is quite brilliant, and this necklace is no exception!   Highly reflective faceted beads.   Mainly small, 1/4 inch  faceted beads, with two stations of a center bead flanked with a pair of oblong beads     

The center beads (2) measure 5/8 inch high x  1 inch wide        Total weight for the necklace is 64 g.  41.1 dwt

In pristine condition

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